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Our world will change soon

By Andree Toonk | May 11, 2007

Chirac, Blair, Bush and Poetin the big players in world politics will resign soon. The French president already has stepped down and others will be replaced not to long from now.putin.jpe
The world could look different soon now. If Hillary Clinton will make it to the white house, the soldiers will get back from Iraq. Also she will, together with her new French colleague Nicolas Sarkozy, start to work seriously on the climate change issues. If the republican John McCain will be elected, bombs will start to rain from the skies of Iraq and Iran. He will get more support for that from the French, but less from Great Britain. Tony Blair will make way for Treasury chief Gordon Brown to take the top post. All together they will keep a close eye on Russia, which is gaining more and more power in the international community. Vladimir Putin, who considers Russia’s oil and energy politics as holy, will step down soon, and he already carefully choose some possible continuators.

The Americans look forward to November 2008, by then George Walker Bush, after eight years will need to step down as president of the United states. Soon after he became president in 2000, the Nine-Eleven incidents took place. As a result of that he sent his soldiers into war. First into Afghanistan, then also to Iraq. They are still there, paying a price of thousands of deaths, Americans, Iraquees, British, Afghans, Canadians, Dutch and much more.

Bush his Democratic opponents Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama want to get out of Iraq. “ If the president does not end this war, then I will do it myself when I’m in the White House” is what Clinton promised. I think normally Americans will vote for domestic issues like more jobs, less immigrants or a decent Christian in the ‘Oval Office’. But now it seems they primarily want to get rid of this war far away from home.
Also the election of Nicolas Sarkozy in French can have a major impact. The French president is sometimes called the most powerful politician in the world. Potentially he can independently, without the support of the French parliament, declare war. Or not! Jaques Chirac was the only powerful western leader who clearly said no to the war in Iraq. Unfortunately it did not change much, but it did clearly represent the independent opinion of the French. This is something my government (the Dutch) could and should learn from.

Tony Blair last Thursday said he will step down as prime minister on June 27, closing a decade of power in which he fostered peace in Northern Ireland and followed the United States to a war in Iraq that cost him much of his popularity. If you think about it, you could say that Vladimir Putin is the only one who arranged everything perfectly. He already knows what will change when he will resign in 2008, Nothing! He already recommended two possible candidates to his citizens. By choosing on of them, a good future for Russia is guaranteed acoording to Putin. I’m curious if the Russian citizen really will go for this…
The two vice presidents of Rusia were selected with much care by Putin. They don’t want to change much in the future for Russia, because everything is going well for them, they think. Russia is on the battle field again with the other big countries. Not for nuclear bombs, or something like that… no something way more powerful nowadays. Oil and Gas! The majority of Europe depends on Russia for energy, giving them a powerful position in negations.
Yes dear readers, our world will change the next two years. Let’s hope it will get better!

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2 Responses to “Our world will change soon”

  1. Robbie Says:
    May 12th, 2007 at 11:23 am

    Hello Andree,

    I’ve read the blog’s you wrote since you’ve brought your new website live.

    This blog is for most people very opening to understand how politics are.
    Well job done by you!

    Greetz Robbie

  2. Gleyse Says:
    May 18th, 2007 at 12:11 am

    China is ‘on the move’ also, let’s not forget about it. There is some cover up military and nuclear business going on there that no one is aware of. They have man power and are trying to buy the technology from other countries.
    It sounds like the old history that we already saw in the Middle East, when the US sold weapons to them in the past, and now are paying the price for it.

    And how about Brazil? A country where natural resources are available and there is a slow-low funds-creative developed technology.
    Brazil is silently becoming one of the largest potencies in the world, and no one is aware of it.
    I put my money in Brazil! How about you?