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Great friends! Great surprise!!!

By Andree Toonk | September 2, 2007

party!Yesterday was a day I will remember for many many years! My friends and family organized a surprise party! It worked out perfect, because I was very surprised.

Roel told me that at 11AM he would pick me up to go “somewhere”. So that morning at 11AM we went in the car and drove to my brothers place, where we picked him up and drove to Utrecht. That’s where we had a coffee and a tour around the canals in a tour boat. This was actually quite nice. I’ve lived in Utrecht for 7 years and must have seen the canals and the boats a thousand of times, but never actually took the tour. I guess it’s a typical tourist thing and not something you do when you live there.

After that we had a drink and a sandwich and drove back to my hometown, Zevenaar. There Roel and my brother told me that I had to get my bike so that we could go “somewhere”. So I went to my dad’s house to get the bike, when I opened the door to the living room, and stepped in there was a whole group of people shouting” Surprise!!!”.

And it certainly was a surprise! I was speechless for a few seconds! Man did they surprise me there!

They had organized a farewell party at my dad’s place. The garden was decorated; there were 2 barbeques, all kinds of drinks, music and of course my best friends! The surprise party its self was a great gift, but on top of that they also arranged more gifts! In Utrecht in an art gallery we picked out a nice old photo on canvas of Utrecht in the last century. This will be sent to me soon. This is a nice reminder of the city I’ve lived in for the last years. Also, they created a photo album with photos and a personal message from every one of them. I really liked that one!!
Around 2:45 AM the last guests left, we cleaned up and went to bed!

I would like to thank everyone involved again! I was really surprised, and had a great day! I will miss all of you, but as said yesterday we are friends for life! “Vrienden voor het leven!” Thanks!!

Photos can be found on: http://foto.toonk.nl/thumbnails.php?album=40&page=3



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One Response to “Great friends! Great surprise!!!”

  1. Roel Says:
    September 3rd, 2007 at 4:29 pm

    For me it was also an amazing day, we had a lot of fun! Even the weather helped out a bit!

    Good to hear you enjoyed it!