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Holiday to the France: Lac d’ Annecy

By Andree Toonk | August 27, 2007

lake annecyIt’s been a while since my last post, I have been very busy with preparing stuff for my move to Vancouver. Last week there was some time to relax! I went on holiday to France for a week with my family (including the dog). Last week Saturday we left at 6AM with two cars towards France, to a small village called Lathuile, close to the Lac d’ Annecy a beautiful mountain lake.

The first few days were quite sunny, followed by 3 days of rain, the last 2 days were nice and sunny again. On the rainy days we went out to see some cities. I especially liked Geneva. We also went to Albertville, this city hosted the winter Olympics in 1992. Annecy is a really nice city as well, but I’ll bet it’s much better when it’s nice and sunny.

I also brought my bike and whenever the weather allowed me to, I went out on my bike. It’s a great place to bike, forCol de la Forclaz example a trip around the lake is a nice one to start with. As this place is in the French Alps, there are also some nice mountains to climb. The most challenging one close to our camping place was the Col de Forclaz (1157m). This mountain has been in the Tour de France a few times, the last time was in 2004. I’ve biked to the top of the steep going over the south side. It was a really nice but challenging ride. At the top the reward was a beautiful panorama view of the lake. And you could see people parapenting, i.e. jumping of the mountains with a parachute.

Diner was as it should be on a camping, most of the nights we had BBQ and potatoes from the “skottelbraj” (I have no idea how to write this in Dutch, and don’t know the English translation :)).

Last Saturday after a great week we arrived back in the Netherlands! For those of you interested in the photos, they can be found here: 2007-august- Camping in France.

More photos from my brother’s camera will follow soon on http://foto.toonk.nl/

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