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New Toonk.nl server!

By Andree Toonk | August 14, 2008

As of 3 weeks the Toonk.nl (Toonk.ca) server is running on new hardware! Bas and I have invested in a new Dell server. The specs of this server are quite an improvement compared to our old server. The new server is a Intel Celeron(R) CPU 1.80GHz with currently 1 GB of memory, we are planning to upgrade this is near future. One of the most important reasons to move to a new server was disk space. The new server has 2 disks of each 160GB, these two disk are used for a raid setup. So now we have enough disk space to upload more photos and movies. I still need to upload a lot of photos of our family adventure in Canada. For those Interested Bas has already uploaded quite of few, they can be found here. I am also planning to work on the BGP weathermap project again, which needs lots of diskspace, memory and cpu for the database. So expect some BLOG posts about that in the nearĀ  future. Last but not least, the server has a much better connectivity to the Internet. It’s professionally colocated at Level3 in Amsterdam. The round trip time from here (Vancouver) has been significantly improved. Of course the server also has IPv6 connectivity. For Email we are now using Zimbra, a very nice mail (and much more) product, which I’m sure we will be hearing more about in the near future!
Finally I would like to thank Bas Toonk for the great job! Thanks man! The next time we meet I will buy you a beer ;)

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