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Canheit 2008

By Andree Toonk | June 23, 2008

Wednesday I came back from Calgary where I attended Canheit 2008 as well as the Canarie tech meeting. Canheit is a conference comparable with the Internet2 joint techs in the US and the Terena conference in Europe. The conference is organized by and for the research and University community in Canada.

Monday evening I departed from Vancouver almost together with my family. After a beautiful one-hour flight I arrived in Calgary, Alberta. There were no clouds at all, so I had a great view over the Rocky Mountains. That’s when I realized that I now saw from 10.000 meter high the same places as Bart and my family had been enthusiastic telling me about.

The conference it self was interesting, there was a fascinating keynote about the Chinook project the worlds first Checkers computer program that became world champion. The person presenting was the leader behind this 18 year project and was presenting his life work here in a very amusing and fascinating way.

Besides the actual presentations it was also a great way to get to know the Canadian research and university world a bit better. The best way to meet people of course was at the social event that was held at the Calgary Olympic Park

Olympic park Calgary

Wednesday was the Canarie technical meeting. During this meeting all the provincial research networks as well as the national research network (Canarie) gave a brief overview of what they have been doing the last year and what the plans are for next year.  This again was a great way to learn more about the Canadian research networks.

Between the sessions on Tuesday I was able to watch some of the soccer games on my laptop. I actually watched both The Netherlands vs. Romania as well as Italy vs. France.
I have access to an UPC setup box (Slingbox), which allows me to watch the games on the Dutch channel (NOS), Thanks Hendrik, nothing beats the Dutch commentary! At the same time a few colleague’s at UBC have converted a HDTV digital TV signal to a IP stream! This allowed me to watch the other game on TSN in Highdef on my laptop.

Below you see a photo of me and a co-worker last Friday. We were watching the Dutch team in Highdef over IP on the high def video conferencing screen! I guess the next step will be this Highdef stream over IPv6 or maybe even a 4K high def stream?

Andree and Toby cheering for the Dutch!

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